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In today’s day and age, more people are spending money online than ever before. The simple method of adding to cart or calling about a service has been easier than ever. Your business is likely missing out on the piece of the pie. Websites are usually created by website designers or developers and are the point of contact for many customers, to either get in touch or find out more information about a product or service,  and you are still wondering if you need a website? Or is it worth it? Well Today you are going to figure out just that! Is a website vital for your business?

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Do You Need To Build a Website To Grow Your Business?

The short answer,  you can grow your business without a website. Although developing a well developed website can be a game changer. A high performing and maintained website is capable of exponentially growing your business. Bringing new organic customers and allowing your current customers to learn more about your services or products.

Once your business has a website you can add to it as your business grows, through blogs, galleries, services etc. By consistently updated and refreshing content, such as new blog posts, you will slowly rank higher in google. Thus reaching new organic customers through SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ). Although by having a presence online, no matter what level, it is better than having none, therefore growing your business.

As every day-to-day tasks become digital, having no presence online could be ruining your business. Your competitors would likely already have hired a website designer to create their website, increasing their digital presence. According to Top Digital Agency 64% of small businesses have a website. With this number growing each year as small business owners realise the value behind a website.

With 2020 facing us with the epidemic caused by the Coronavirus, lockdown caused many businesses to face financial struggle. Many having to fire employees, make price cuts, or even close down. By having a website, many businesses were able to still generate income. Online sales increased drastically over the course of 2020 and into 2021. Therefore, having a website for your business is not only another source of income. It is also an extra security measure, incase in-person sales decline.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Website?

Firstly, the main benefit of having a website is that it will become a place for your customers to visit. While also learn more about your service or product that you are offering. According to BlueCorona  70-80% of people research a company online before visiting it or making a purchase, this increases the likelihood of people converting into customers. Increasing the amount of people your business can be in front of is the crucial part of growing a business. That is a feature having a website can help provide.

Secondly, having a site to call home subjects your business internationally. Is your business stuck with clients from your surrounding area walking past your shop? A well designed and developed website is capable of capturing customers from across the globe on various platforms. A responsive website is crucial in today’s day and age. Especially with the majority of people using mobile phones to shop online.

Lastly, advertising has never been easier! Forget the ancient ways of your brand plastered on billboards and signs. Instead you can simply use facebook marketing or google ads and have your business in front of millions. Analytics from these marketing ways help optimise and grow your business todays your true target audience.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Website?

Website design and development pricing varies depending on the tasks at hand. Basic designs based on a theme often ranges from $1250 – $3000 depending on the platform. Prices on based upon platform are respectively Squarespace, Shopify then WordPress . A more complicated design can range from $2000 to $6,000 and beyond. Depending on the complexities of the additions to the site. Our free quote form will allow us to provide a personalised quote for your requirements.

By using Shopify and Squarespace the overall building cost likely decreases due to the ease of development. Although through this ease, it loses its ability to add complex features. Complex and particular features are suited and recommended for WordPress. Due to the ability of sustaining unique and hand developed features. These additional features are what can increase the website cost to over $10,000.

Other factors, such as pages, products, and content can increase the pricing of your website. Crucial aspects of pricing include the quantity of pages. Pages increases the overall cost, along with populating content on them. Along with the addition of products can increase the cost to build a website. 

Overall, the amount that your business is willing to invest into the development of your website. This investment will reflect the quality of the design itself. By using a family friend’s kid is likely going to create a low end piece and might damaged your business. Low-end websites often need to be redesigned shortly after creation. We recommend paying that extra dollar for a professional Web Design Company to build you a high quality piece. One that your business will use for years to come.


There we go, now you know it is not crucial for your business to have a website. Although it is optimal for your business to have a website in order to grow quickly. Your business will be presented across the globe and obtain customers simply by having a website. Increase revenue and grow your business, purely by having a digital presence. 

In return, your customers will have a platform to learn more about your products and services. Potentially sharing with their friends and families, and giving reviews to increase your businesses credibility. Therefore, besides the ‘scary’ upfront costs of developing a website, the long term investment is vital for the growth of your business. For which you will likely see the return on investment very quickly.

lnvest in your business and build digital presence started today. We provide a FREE quote that will prescribe a personalised quote just for your business!