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A business’ website can either be a hit or a miss. Your competitors are likely hitting the mark when it comes to the design of their website. Are you? 

Don’t miss out on the piece of the pie by learning why a web designer is vital for your website. It is likely your design is not optimal for your intended target audience. This is the most important aspect of a website’s design that you may not be aware of. A professional web designer knows these things, and this is why you might need one.   

Website Designing
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Should You Hire A Website Designer?

Web Designers are professionals in their fields. With multiple years experience, they know the in-and-outs of the industry. This experience is represented in the quality of work that they provide to their customers. Each web designer is unique, just like every artist, each adding their own twist to every piece of art.

A web designer knows the most ideal ways to structure your site in order to maximise your goals. They understand how to capture your audience’s attention and increase conversion rates while decreasing bounce rates. Although many business owners are not aware of the effects of using old styles and boring colours, web designers are.

Your website is the home of your business, and your business should represent quality. Would you create your logo on paint? No? Then why would you create a low quality website? Web Design & Development is a complex process that needs experience and extensive knowledge. Your home should be personal, and optimised to drive traffic and customers to your product or service.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

The role of a web designer varies from designing the website to picking your footer font sizes. These aspects are crucial and need to be done in accordance to brand strategy or brand guidelines. Each website should be uniform with the brand itself, using the correct colours and typography.

With their extensive experience, they learn tricks of the trades. Such as understanding the correct amount of primary colour to use or when to add an image. Although you can create your own website, a web designer will make those finish touches to ensure it is optimised for conversions.

A web designer is often there from the beginning of a project to the end. Their role in the creation of a website is one of the most critical to ensure all design work is matched. They work in unison with website developers to ensure website projects are completed successfully.

The Roles of a Web Designer

The roles of a web designer vary from project to project. Although their underlying roles and responsibilities are still present on each project. These roles include but are not limited to:

  • Using technologies for website functionality
  • Designing various elements across the sites
  • Translating client concepts into visuals
  • Utilising brand guidelines
  • Coding using various languages ( HTML, CSS, etc, )
  • Presenting projects
  • Optimising for SEO and SERP’s
  • Updating website plugins and content


As you can see, the role of a web designer is quite complex as they have many. Although often the price of a web designer can be high, their experience is worth it. You don’t want your competitors having the high ground because you lacked out on hiring a professional. Therefore, you should definitely be hiring a web designer for your business. To ensure you end up with a quality website that your business can be proud of to call home.

If you require a web design or developer, the team at Geeka are professionals in their fields. We have years of experience creating websites for businesses of every niche. 

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